MediaWorks includes everything in MovieWorks with the addition of features for creating menus, buttons, links to web pages and files, custom play controls and unlimited Scenes making it easier and possible to create larger productions.

Five Programs in One

MediaWorks - Composition, interactive authoring, sequencing, animation and effects; Sound - record and edit narration & CD quality sound plus effects; Animator - create cell animations up to 256 x 256 with an unlimited number of frames; Video - capture from analog (VCR, camcorder) and/or digital (DV camcorder) devices; Paint/Photo - Standard paint tools plus basic photo editing tools - brightness/contrast, crop and rotate.

Easy Screen Design and Big Time Savers
  • Super-fast importing! Drag and drop any number of media files into your project.
  • Position any number of objects anywhere on the screen.
  • Create an inifinite number of layers in any order.
  • Select multiple objects and reposition, resize, align or apply transitions all at one time.
  • Set import preferences to automatically resize, crop and/or compress any picture.
  • Auto-sequence text, narration and other objects to Markers.
  • Add unlimited text objects and apply shadows and scrolling effects.
  • Save up to four font formats and apply to text objects at one time.
  • Integrated spellchecker.
  • Real-time preview with full keyboard control. Step forward and backward.

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Multi-Track Sequencer

Easily edit the duration and start time for your objects in the Sequencer window by click-dragging on the corresponding timebar. Snap objects to end-time or to a point in time. You can import and sequence a single scene to last as long or short as you like.

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Powerful Interactivity

Organize your content in MediaWorks like chapters in a book called "Scenes". Then, link the Scenes together in any order either automatically or with buttons. Create or import any number of buttons to make Scene links, heirarchical menus, web links, or custom play controls (Play, Stop, Rewind and Quit).

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Path Animation Tools

Animate any object with any of five path animation tools. Add time-based scaling effects and have Objects change layers over time making it easy to create animations like having the Moon circle the Earth. Use Animator to create multi-frame characters up to 256 x 256.

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Add beginning and ending transitions to any "Object". Gain another 150 A/B effects with integrated access to the QuickTime transitions library. A/B transitions are applied between two or more pictures and/or video clips of the same size.

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Simple Transitions
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QuickTime Transitions
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Multiple Export Options

Export any scene as a QuickTime, AVI, DV, MPEG-4 or other file type!

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